About the Project

The interdisciplinary research project will include talents from virtual reality, computer programming, performing art, digital video, music and psychology, and they will work on an entire project on digital and virtual platforms without any traditional performances and physical exhibitions. 

The open ended 3D game environment suggests Virtual Reality (VR) technology as an ultimate empathy machine and VR technology in my previous projects, based on Milk’s idea, its immersive nature which allows visitors to put oneself in one’s shoes and to immerse themselves into the psychological landscapes of other people’s minds. 

The experimental project aims to explore the possibility of creating an artwork during the public health crisis in form of a whole new immersive, virtual experience for audience especially for those who normally will not visit museums or performing venues and eventually virtual/ online events will become a major trend in an art and cultural project, even when we go back to ‘normal’ in the near future.